Hot Water Storage Tank 1

Hot Water Storage Tank

Graha Mitra Abadi is a heatpump distributor and hot water storage tank distributor brand Ecoheat which is the right choice for you to design and manufacture a good hot water system so that it operates optimally and efficiently.

Ecoheat hot water storage tank based on material:

  1. SS400KS Mild Steel

      2. Stainless Steel SUS304 / SUS 316

Ecoheat hot water storage tank by type :

  1. Type pressured
  2. Type non-pressured 

Our product quality, after sales service and experience are guarantees for you to make your choice.

Some things that can make a hot water tank more durable :
• Choose a hot water tank material and good insulation
• The cold water that enters the tank is of good quality. Done by conducting laboratory tests to see the water quality.
• perform regular maintenance (draining) on ​​the hot water tank
• perform regular maintenance (checking) the performance of the spare parts of the hot water tank. Especially the TPR or safety valve, this  component has a big share of the large or small pressure that occurs in the tank.

Hot Water Storage Tank 2
Hot Water Storage Tank 3
Hot Water Storage Tank 4