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Hot Water Storage Tank

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Graha Mitra Abadi is a heatpump water heater distributor and hot water storage tank distributor brand ecoheat which is the right choice for you to design and manufacture a good hot water system so that it operates optimally and efficiently.

Hot water storage tank ecoheat based on material:

  1. SS400KS Mild Steel

      2. Stainless Steel SUS304 / SUS 316

This hot water tank product is equipped with several supporting accessories aimed at operational performance and safety, including :

1. Insulation: rockwool / equivalent to 50 or 80 mm
2. Outer layer: 0.5 or 0.8 mm . aluminum sheet
3. Manhole, safety valve, auxiliary heater (optional), lifting lug, pressure gauge, ladder for horizontal tank

Hot water storage tank ecoheat by type :

  1. Type pressured , this tank is also known as an open hot water tank (open tank), the principle works in essence is to use hot water in this tank requires more than 1 pump. This means that a pump is needed to fill the hot water tank and to distribute hot water to the piping system a pump is also needed.
  2. Type non-pressured, the working principle in essence is to use hot water in this hot water tank, only 1 pump is needed. It only takes 1 pump that functions as a water filler into the tank and for distribution it uses the pressure from the tank filling pump. 

The advantages of using a hot water tank for a water heater system include:

a. Efficient hot water tanks allow consumers to heat water with electricity, consuming electricity at lower prices. The energy is  then stored in the tank in the form of hot water, ready to be used for all purposes when needed.
b. Great convenience by providing hot water for concurrent use, for example when multiple showers are running at the same time;
c. Flexibility of use: hot water storage tank provides hot water immediately;
d. The water in the cylinder will be released exactly at the desired temperature;
e. A well-insulated hot water tank is a great way to save energy
f. Hot water tanks can help reduce energy consumption. This is because it takes less energy to keep water warm, once heated, than it takes to heat cold water.
g. Lower investment costs compared to hot water tanks made of stainless steel let alone copper.

Our product quality, after sales service and experience are guarantees for you to make your choice.

Some things that can make a hot water tank more durable :
• Choose a hot water tank material and good insulation
• The cold water that enters the tank is of good quality. Done by conducting laboratory tests to see the water quality.
• perform regular maintenance (draining) on ​​the hot water tank
• perform regular maintenance (checking) the performance of the spare parts of the hot water tank. Especially the TPR or safety valve, this  component has a big share of the large or small pressure that occurs in the tank.

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