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Made in the USA, Colmac HPA4 generates sanitary hot water without boiler assistance. The innovative design is the only one in the world that allows the product to provide hot water storage without layers of dilution, providing “on demand” hot water up to 70°C. Find out more about Colmac


  • Colmac units are “instant heat pump water heaters”, where water which goes into the unit is automatically pumped out at the requested temperature. This is a unique feature to Comac; other brands require multiple cycles to gradually increase the temperature of the water.
  • The instant heat design makes it possible for Colmac heat pump water heaters to have minimal heat loss and a high COP (Coefficient of Performance)
  • We sell commercial-type units that generate hot water up to 70°C — the highest temperature compared with other products in the market.


  • Water Heating Capacity*: 66,141 BTUH
  • Heating COP *: 4.87

* 70°F Potable Water Inlet, 140°F Potable Water Outlet, 75°F Entering Air Wet Bulb

Standard Features

  • Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant.
  • Copeland scroll compressors.
  • Vented double wall, stainless steel, brazed plate condensers (potable water).
  • Adjustable TXV, moisture indicating sight glass, liquid line filter drier.
  • Bronze hot water circulating pump (potable water).
  • Electronic temperature control valve (e-TCVTM)
  • Factory built and tested copper tube, aluminum fin evaporators.
  • Automatic controls include high and low pressure cutouts, compressor time delay relay,
  • normal run and fault indicating lights, phase failure relay.
  • Fully enclosed cabinets are offered in mill finish aluminum, galvanized steel, 304 SST, and 316 SST.

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