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Heat Pump Benefits

More Efficiency at Less Cost

Heat pump water heaters can be up to three times more efficient compared with conventional electric water heaters, and twice more efficient compared with solar water heaters. The higher the temperature of the ambient air, the greater the efficiency of the unit.

  • Save more than 75% compared with electric heater
  • Save more than 60% compared with oil boiler
  • Save more than 40% compared with solar heater

Suitable for All Climates

Heat pump water heaters can work in all weather, but the most efficient in hot and humid weather. The higher the air temperature around the heat pump water heater performance will be higher.

Easy Installation

Installation of heat pump water heater is very easy and does not require a large place. Heat pump is placed in a location with good air circulation.


Separation of water and electricity to prevent and reduce the security risks during use, such as electric shock, fire, explosion and poisoning.

Contrast Reference

Comparison of our products and competitors

Our heat pumps are energy efficient, easy to install, and suitable for all climates.

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